Hotels are cool, yes, but rentals are totally in. And a rental that is posh, artistic and inspiring? Totally, totally in.

Creative Flats is a Montreal-based rental firm that offers up the perfect example of what happens when an attention to detail and style are made priorities. Since 2000, Nathalie Bouchard and Annie Horth – two very trendy women – have decorated eight flats ranging from one to three bedrooms. Each flat has a very different feel. Whether it’s industrial chic, happy chic, or modern chic, each flat is impeccably done and, well, chic.

“There are all different sizes and layouts which we try to give to each of them a uniqueness and a personal touch,” says the Nathalie Bouchard, the owner and founder of Creative Flats. “Annie [Horth] and I like to mix classic, retro, modern and industrial pieces, with a few antiques and art pieces.”

Nathalie says that whenever she travels she is always on the lookout for design inspiration.

“We can’t wait to go to Morocco to find Oriental inspirations,” Nathalie says. “Annie has this book on la Mamounia wonderful classic hotels in Marrakech, which give us the taste to infuse a few of these exotic details in the next project.”

On the business side of this idea, it makes complete sense. Creative people travel all over the world, and they are often looking for inspiration. Creative Flats are practical and extravagant, a paradox that is too good not to take a look at…

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