So often I jet off to exotic locales, far from my home in the United States, to explore the world and its many wonders; but there are places right here, domestically, that tug at my heartstrings as well.

One of those places is the spectacular state of Utah. While some might think Utah is just for skiing and the Sundance Film Festival, there are many more hidden treasures. That’s why a few week’s ago I decided to take a short jaunt through this widely unknown state to re-acquaint myself with its many wonders. Check out my journey in the video below.
From the sandstone arches of Arches National Park and the tranquil waters of Lake Powell to the majestic structures of Monument National Park and the quirky Goblin State Park, I hiked through one scenic vista after another. Driving through small towns and chatting it up with the locals (I even had lunch with a local Sheriff), I fell in love with Utah all over again.

I slept where John Wayne once rested his head at Gouldings Lodge in Monument Valley, home to many of his movies, and while strolling the streets of the sleepy town of Moab I stumbled upon Sunset Grill, a quaint restaurant serving one of the freshest filet of trout I have ever had!
If you like the great outdoors, whether it be skiing, hiking, biking or just enjoying nature, I suggest an easy long weekend trip with the girls for an active, healthy weekend!