Wonder if Imelda owns a pair or twelve? Actually, the cool thing is that you only need to buy one pair and you’ll be able to create at least 12 different looks. The other cool thing is that these innovative sandals ( patent-pending) are cruelty free-to both you and the animals-since they are made completely from reclaimed materials (gorgeous hand rubbed woods and recycled tires) and are amazingly comfy to walk in.

Chicago based designer, Annie Mohaupt, was previously an architect, where she learned all about form and function. Throw in some beauty and creativity and you have the interchangeable Mohop Sandal.

Ordering is as easy as doing the Hokey-pokey.

1. Go to website.

2. Pick your style: either wedge or a heel that comes in three heights.

3. Select your group of 5 ribbons from categories such as stripes, nautical, metallic etc.

4. Wait impatiently for them to arrive. Since Mohops are all handmade they will take about 6-8 weeks to arrive.

5. Tear open the box and find your Mohops, complete with an organza travel bag, a ‘how to tie’ booklet, and a re-useable translucent shoe box.