Does everyone know about the Ecology Center? I didn’t until my sister told me about it. Apparently you can call and ask them any kind of question and they will inform you about the most environmentally favorable way to do it.

My question was about water. You hear these things: tap water has lead and chlorine. Bottled water is problematic because the plastic may possibly leach into the water. What’s a girl to drink? This has been a burning issue in my world lately, because even my little Brita pitcher is suspect because again, alleged leaching plastic. Which may or may not lead to cancer. 

So I called the Ecology Center to talk about water. In California, they add not chlorine but chloramine to water, which is something I need to keep in mind when looking at water purification labels to see what they block.

Too, I was made aware that my state, California, has a health department which issues certificates to certain companies that they feel amply purify water.

Much more informed, I found a company called Multi-Pure which my state has certified. They make stainless steel under-the-sink or counter models that purify your drinking water, reducing lead and chloramine by use of carbon blockers, which the Ecology Center recommends. (*Mind you I haven’t tried the product myself so I can’t recommend it, but it seems to match my checklist…)

Too, the Ecology Center likes these kinds of models because you aren’t constantly using up filters and bottles and pitchers and other plastics. Recycling them is good, but not having to use them or support their production is better.

As soon as I get back from Transylvania, I will look into getting a good water purifier. That is, if I haven’t started drinking blood…