Worthwhile Sidetrip:
As much as we couldn’t wait to reach S.B., the gas tank (and our stomachs) needed a fill-up so we veered off the scenic highway to Cayucos, a small, blissfully untrendy beach town. The lunchtime crowd was lined up in front of Duckie’s Chowder House so we followed their lead and ordered gargantuan Caesar salads topped with a slab of freshly caught blackened albacore. Sitting on the pier, splitting a bowl of their New England-style chowder and sipping a Hefeweizen Widmer brew—we really felt like we were on vaca.
Duckie’s Chowder House
(805) 995-2245 55 Cayucos Dr., Cayucos, CA, 93430

Added Value:
A cup of mocha almond chocolate crunch ice-cream at the “Candy Counter” Cayuco’s whimsical sweete shoppe, a few blocks down main street.