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September 7th, 2006
Tango Diva Wrting Workshop/Spa Trip!

Tango Diva  at Red Mountain Spa!Divas, do you love to write? Do you have a piece to polish or prose to pen? Do you wish you had a writing group? Then this is the perfect time to attend Stephanies writing workshop at our Tango Diva Red Mountain Spa retreat. In between massages and yoga classes set amidst the pink wilds of Utah, we’ll wax seriously poetic and kidnap a Muse or two.

Consider it boot camp for both mind and body! Not only will you be ready for the holiday cocktail dress season and relaxed beyond reason, but you’ll also leave Red Mountain more inspired than ever to write. Be fruitful and verbify after I, along with fellow Divas in our class, gently but thoroughly workshop your original work

. Yes! I’d like to edit both my story and my buns…

2 thoughts on “Tango Diva Wrting Workshop/Spa Trip!

  1. Regarding the article mentioned before:

    Red Mountain has been my preferred solo destination since 1991. I love it. I recommend it to everyone I know. I am a native Santa Barbaran – I grew up up in the sea and on the sand. But my first solo trip to this healing desert-like world was a reflex response to a”perfect storm” of personal loss. I discovered peace of mind, inner strength and that camp-like atmoshere of my youth. I loved camp as child and I am hooked on Red Mountain. I am going this October for a week on the 22nd. It’s a beautul time of the year to be there. Not too hot in the mid day. Clear skies for star gazing walks in the evenings. Meet me at Red Mountain in October!. I am organizing a small group of gals from the Tango Diva community to spend the week. There is a fabulous bead shop in St George that eveybody can’t wait to get back to called Needin to be Beadin! And Kauneta – the nearby fine artists community is especially wonderful to visit. Anytime of the year is good there – but July and August are for those who can really take the heat!

    Thanks Maranne for the great resources!

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