by Kelsey Nagie, Style Diva

While the beautiful people of the fashion industry and Hollywood are gathering in New York City from September 8 – September 15, unmasking what’s going to be the trend to wear in Spring 2007, let’s take a peek into our closets and see if we are even up to par for Fall 2006.

Honestly, no need to skip ahead to Spring 2007 if our wardrobe could use a little upgrade for the months beforehand, right?

Go ahead—peek your head in. Scared? Don’t be! Tell me what you see. Is your closet full of baggy jeans with rips and tears by the knees, the feet, or even worse, the “booty” region? Or how about a pile of graphic tees with sayings like “You Can Have Him” or “Blondes Do It Better”? And the Uggs?

I think it’s time we retire those once expensive boots to a “wear around the house when my feet are cold” type of attire. Okay okay, if it’s too much of a drastic change, I’ll agree to let you take them on a snow trip, as long as you don’t wear them with a skirt or dress.

Now look again. Are there any flats in there? Cropped jackets? Jeans without holes? High heeled boots? Simple dresses? Animal print? If so, keep all of these hung on a hanger, and it’s quite possible you may want to iron them, too, because honey, these are in!

Fall 2006 fashions are a small shift into warmer clothes from the backless, bare-all shoulder tops we sported all summer long. While you can still wear some pieces you purchased over the summer months, you can’t don them like it’s still 90 degrees outside. Therefore, take one of the hot fashions for fall, like a cropped jacket, and throw it on top of that ever-so-sexy satin camisole you would have died without purchasing.

The cropped jacket this fall is loosely fitted, button up, and similar to a pea coat, but much shorter, more roomy, and as seen in many stores lately, 3/4 sleeves. It’s great for the office, for travel, or for a night out on the town because it is not bulky like a winter jacket, and it can truly be dolled up or dressed down. The choice is yours!

Next, it’s time to unleash the sexy creature in you and dare to wear the always racy, always engaging animal print. Not only are the zebra, cheetah, and leopard going to be seen on tops or dresses this fall, but also in pants, tights, boots, headbands, and uber-vixen stilettos. While animal print was popular years back, it is coming around full force this fall in a push for femininity and power to women! Meow!

And how about a fantastic pair of stylish pants to go with all of the above? Look no further as I will give you the top-secret information you need to strut your stuff in the perfect, fashionable fall pant. The skinny pant is the “it” product for fall.

Found in denim jeans, corduroy, or a dress pant, the skinny pant has made a comeback from the 80’s and found itself on the gorgeous gams of women worldwide. For the ultimate fashion style, tuck the skinny pant into a pair of high-heeled leather boots and be the envy of all women around.

However, take caution when putting the skinny pants on, as it could take a few bends, jumps, and pulls to get those tight-fitted suckers on. Keep your eye on the prize: the end result, and don’t give in until you get those boys buttoned or zipped up!

While we will all see many fashions this fall, keep these key pieces around like your cell phone. They guarantee a stylish autumn and can transition you from wearing shorts and tank tops all summer to a slow drift into the cold winter months. With these fashion hits, there’s no way you can be a miss!

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