by Kelsey Nagie

Living a posh lifestyle does not have to be put on hold when a time of much needed vacation arises. Luxury can be a year-round amenity, especially in times of travel, whether it be savoring a delicious, exotic feast in Morocco or searching for unique keepsakes to remember a fabulous
vacation in Vietnam.

Enter Artisans of Leisure, an innovative travel company offering luxury
services, private tours and custom travel to fill the needs of any
vacation desire. Finding the most luxurious hotel is standard, as is a
personal driver, private guided tours, customized itineraries, and just
about any frill one could dream of while on vacation.

Started by Ashley Ganz a few years back, Artisans of Leisure may have a
New York City address but can easily be found through affiliated offices
all around the world. The corresponding staff in destination countries
allow this company to meet every inner-Diva’s fancy while catching some
major R & R. Besides, who deserves such an amenity more than you?

Ganz surrounds herself with a stellar staff, qualified by education,
personal experience, and living and breathing travel around the globe.
Dream vacations can be easily customized, managed, and perfected without
having to lift your precious little finger! Artisans of Leisure will do
the dirty work; you know, the researching of history, art, activities,
cuisine, culture and shopping. Who wants to spend time researching
shopping markets when they can do it for you? Time is money and money is
for shopping!

Speaking of shopping, a mandatory word in every girl’s
vocabulary, this company takes its customers from infamous shopping
markets to only the finest hidden gems of specific cities. Any fashionista
is bound to score some fabulous exotic attire, artifacts or souvenirs.

Offering shopping tours in three fashion forward homelands: Milan, Tokyo,
and Vietnam, the possibilities of finding unique apparel are endless.
Whether your fashion I.Q. is high or low, there can be
something found for every lover of fashion out there.

According to Ganz, one of the most popular, must-see trip packages is the Contemporary Style tour in Vietnam. “With a French influence, Vietnamese fashion is classic yet urban…and you also have the option to customize your clothing purchases, made to fit your measurements perfectly in your selected fabric at a local tailor,” says Ganz. Talk about one-of-a-kind, you’ll be sure to thrill your friends upon arriving back to the States!

The entirety of this tour includes a multitude of activities over a 6 day period including private boutique shopping to arranged meetings with gallery owners and artists. The best part? Not being jammed in a humid tour bus with dozens of other people. The worst? Parting with between $2,935 and $3,170 for the ultimate shopping experience in Vietnam.

While these posh tours do not come cheap, they can be utilized globally. Frugal travelers need not apply, as the anything-but-average trips cost on average around $6000-7000 per person, airfare not included, for a totally customized shopping extravaganza of approximately 10-16 days.

Definitely creating memories to last a lifetime, Artisans of Leisure
exemplifies luxury travel through the best of the best. Whether your
interests be culture, history, art, cuisine or fashion, this company can
truly pamper your every need. this company can satisfy your traveling bug with subjects you hold near and dear, darlin’!

Go ahead and splurge! Isn’t it time? Travel abroad and pick out an
exclusive outfit to die for or have it custom made—all at the touch of a button at

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