Rental Car Rally

How wild is this gals! It’s a wacky 36hr backroads-mostly driving competition between 100+ crazily-festooned teams competing for thousands of dollars in cash and a golden gas pump.

The rally starts 9pm June 12th at an undisclosed location in San Francisco. Teams will navigate their way to Yuma, hitting mandatory checkpoints along the way.

Get this – the finish line is a secret! Disclosed to rally teams once the rally starts!

RCR is scored on a 100pt scale: 50pts for your odometer reading (the lowest reading gets 50pts, while progressively higher readings receive progressively fewer points), 40pts for your team’s style, and 10pts for random tomfoolery.

RCR will crown two winning teams in Yuma: a Grand Champion, and a Style Champion. Both teams get a golden gas pump, but only the grand champ gets the cash prize. $2500!

Plus party in Yuma! Somebody please go and report back!