A rousing game of texas hold’em and rounds of Mudslide Kahluas finishes off another fantastic day here at Red Mountain Spa! We all hiked all over Snow Canyon – lava flows and petrified sand dunes galore. Exhausting. Then gentle yoga. Healthy lunch. Every meal is healthy. Brooke and Cynthia headed off for a gealogy tour with Boma and "oh, okay" (drats). Rene golfed and shot down 2 martinis. Bernice met with the energy expert Carolyn Cooper. Alison and Suzanne got wonderful massages. We pulled off a quick shopping trip into town for fabulous beads at Need to Bead in Ancestors Square. What a long day.

Cynthia has a penchant for pink and it has led to all kinds of kidding and smart remarks from Rene, primarily, and due to his golfing injury, cautious links of pinkies rather than rapping of knuckles. Rene is holding up very well surrounded by so many women.

Connie departed for Salt Lake City – do write us Connie! Sherry (Detroit) and Laura (DC) disappeared into the heavy schedule. Lynn (SF) and Barbara ( Lake Tahoe) leave tomorrow. Brooke and Cynthia will spend all day tomorrow in Zion Canyon.The week is moving quickly to a close. Wonderful connections. Wonderful people. Next trip – must bring poker chips and plenty of rolls of nickels and late nite munchies!