If you have ever seen a runner moving along in some knee high compression socks, you have probably wondered why they are wearing them. I know the first time I saw some funky patterned sock covered legs I wondered what the point was, and if they were even comfortable. Now that I have had the opportunity to try a high quality pair from Nabee for myself, I can definitely understand the allure. 

Compression socks are tightly woven socks, designed to stretch around the feet and legs and provide steady pressure. Their benefits include alleviating swelling and pain (great for travelers!), preventing spider and varicose veins, and shortening muscle recovery time. Nabee was started by a registered nurse who wanted to provide a high quality option for healthcare workers, flight attendants, and athletes. I tried out an excellent pair from Nabee and gave them a few different tests to see how they felt in a variety of situations.

nabee socks compression diagram

The first thing I noticed when slipping them out of the packaging was how soft the fabric was. I was surprised as I had expected something that would feel stiff. Getting them on was also easier than anticipated and I was pleased by how well they fit! I have always had calves that are on the wider side and often have difficulty finding boots that fit around them. I first tried wearing the socks while I worked at my desk. I kept them on for a few hours and noticed that only they were comfortable, but my feet stayed cool despite the warmer weather.

I also made sure to give them a test while running and walking. The best thing I found was not only did they relieve some of the pain from some nagging shin splints, but they also prevented any calf cramps that I usually get after a run. In addition, the socks stayed up perfectly and did not budge or require adjustment during my run. The data on compression socks supports my experience as well. 

Compression Socks - Jet - (20-30mmHg)

I have now had the socks for two weeks and have enjoyed wearing them while working, during and after my runs, and even when going to bed after a particularly active day. The steady but light pressure felt great on my achy , sore legs without ever feeling restrictive. Not to mention, there are so many cute patterns to choose from (I have the Jet pattern, but I have my eyes on the Hearts and Poppy!). While there is no doubt that wearing compression socks can look a little funny, the benefits are promising and I noticed an improvement. 

Hearts - (20-30mmHg) - Nabee Socks