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About Genevieve:
Passionate about traveling, I am seeing the world slowly but surely and hoping to have visited 50 countries by the time I turn 50! When its not possible to be in my suitcase, I still embrace this passion for other cultures by attending events, engaging with traveler friends, reading and planning the next adventure. There is always time for friends, family and sports as well!

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
open-minded, always curious, adventurous

How do these words inspire your travels?
I am always willing to go on an unplanned trip, short or long, and pick off-the-beaten path destinations. My curiosity makes me interested in researching new places and engaging conversations with fellow travelers or locals. I have also never gone on an all-inclusive vacation, for the fear of being bored…but I will eventually give it a try!

What inspired you to travel originally?
When I was 4 years old, my family moved to Germany for 2 years. My parents were committed to take full advantage of those 2 years, to discover Europe inside out. This curiosity and desire to experience something different stayed with me for the rest of my life. As I grew up in a small homogeneous town, I knew there was so much out there to experience and learn from that I day dreamed a lot about the day I’d be old enough to say: mom, dad, I’m off to see the world and I promise to be safe, send news and a postcard now and then! From that first independent adventure at 20 years old, one trip would inspire the next and I am never out of ideas for destinations!

What is your favorite destination?
I always love the mountains, whether it’s the Canadian Rockies, the Pyrenees (France) or the Alps. So it’s no surprise Chamonix has a special place in my heart! As a close second, I have a sweet spot for Denmark as I had the chance to live there for 6 months: the nature, the Danes and their values, the architecture…and the bikes everywhere charmed me!

How do you deal with stress while traveling?
I have to admit I am not the most stressed traveler, as I firmly believe there is always a kind person nearby that will be able to help me. But if stress creeps up, I stop, breathe and take a split second to remind myself I am there to learn and expand my horizons by being outside of my comfort zone. That gives me a new outlook on the challenge at hand!

Who do you like to travel with?
myself! I also love to travel with my boyfriend or visit friends from around the world along the way. They are always terrific to share local insights and perspective.

What are you favorite activities while traveling?
Getting lost in the streets of a city I don’t know, to hopefully meet locals, see how they appreciate their environment, discovering local food and biking

What is the best advice you ever learned while traveling?
Be a fabulous observer & listener when you are out of your environment. You will realize how many things you pick up on and create vivid memories from your adventures. It’s OK to be out of your comfort zone! Recognize it and embrace it! Be safe and make sure your camera works at all time!

What travel moment has stuck with you?
In 2006, I was at a cross road in my personal life and was torn between my love for travels, and my need for stability (and income!). I decided to take 6 weeks off work to backpack alone in Europe. This adventure took me to 4 countries (Spain, France, Switzerland and Germany) and, along the way, I got to see 4 dear friends I hadn’t seen in a few years, a chance to go back to this town I had lived in Germany some 22 years ago, plus spend an incredible amount of time with myself. Yes it was lonely at times. I wrote a lot, listened to the same music over and over again and had memorable conversations with random people along the way. This journey was also an opportunity for me to reflect on what I wanted in my life moving forward. Very rewarding!

What is your future travel goal?
The goal is to keep embracing this passion for travels that my boyfriend and I have, while designing our journeys to fit our ‘’soon-to-be’’ new lifestyle of traveling with a baby (any advices are welcome)! Here are a few ideas tossed around these days: remote Canadian areas, South America and Poland.

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