LOL and dancin’ your booty – that’s what the audience will do as Mama Mia hits theaters this weekend! I laughed out loud, sang along, and even tear’ed up somewhere along the line. How does ABBA pluck our heartstrings decade after decade!

I was delighted during the opening scenes as much as I was for Muriel’s Wedding in 1994! And I coveted the colorful summery fabrics flowing everywhere! (One day we will be able to order the items we love in every scene while the titles are running). Speaking of titles – do not leave as they start to roll – some of my hardest laughs were in the extra scenes.

Now Pierce Brosnan- his singing is a hard sell, but he is so handsome – you forgive him.
Meryl Streeps solo “The Winner Takes It All” is just beautiful for all of us who have been brokenhearted and survived. Her best friend sidekicks are silly and supportive, backed up by the soundtrack, it all takes you back (if you were born yet) to your best buddies and the hilarious times you shared.

Can’t afford Europe this summer? Hit the Greek Isles for the nite with the girls and soak in the sun drenched scenes of this classic loving spirited hit!