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June 2nd, 2010
Los Angeles: Folk Art Everywhere. Summer long treasure hunt!

To highlight Los Angeles’ rich multicultural wealth, and inspire exploration of LA’s diverse communities, the Craft and Folk Art Museum (CAFAM) is taking beautiful, curious and attention-grabbing works of folk art out of the traditional museum setting and displaying them in unexpected public spaces throughout the city.

“Think of the new ‘Folk Art Everywhere’ show as a cultural treasure hunt that releases art objects from private collections and installs them where people naturally gather — in restaurants, parks, coffee shops, bookstores, cultural centers

Featured at 25 venues throughout Los Angeles on a three-month rotating basis. The first rotation began April 19 and runs through July 15. Wherever possible objects from one culture are displayed in a neighborhood of another culture, such as the Szopka, a traditional Polish Christmas castle, currently on display at Panos Pastry in the Thai enclave of East Hollywood; and an early 20th century Russian samovar (a metal urn with a spigot) now on exhibit at Mama’s Hot Tamales in predominately Hispanic McArthur Park.

CAFAM also plans a series of Folk Art Everywhere “Happenings” — poetry readings, documentary film screenings, intimate musical performances and cultural block parties.

For all the details!

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