The best thing about running outside is that you get to see all the wonderful things that nature has to offer. And, what better time to do it than in the warm weather days of August and September.

Whether you’re running through a park or taking in a trail run, running improperly can lead to injuries and sideline you for a good long while. I personally love to run! Not being able to do it would just be heartbreaking. That’s why I think my friend, ultra-marathon runner, Danny Dreyer has hit the nail on the head with his innovative ChiRunning technique. Danny has merged the philosophies of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates with the power of running. The technique is all about aligning your body, engaging your core and propelling yourself with the force of gravity. He preaches a neutral footstrike. The method creates for a more fluid style where your legs don’t take a beating with each stride. Genius, right???

ChiRunning is endorsed by everyone from professional athletes to physicians but you need not be in an elite crew to learn the technique. Danny will be in Pasadena on September 5th teaching an all day clinic. The class is perfect for anyone for trying to run their first race, prevent needless pain or even recover from an injury.

Other workshops are offered all year long in various locations check out the ChiRunning web site for more information: