by Jayme Lamm

Hands down, Aspen may just have been the best vacation I’ve ever had. I don’t know if there’s a precise scale for vacationing (like a
rated restaurant per se), but it undoubtedly has a lot to do with the time of year (weather playing an obvious factor), the activities you partake in (or equally so, which ones you avoid), and who you go with. Those can all be deal makers or breakers. I don’t know if my extreme love for Aspen had anything to do with the settings in my all-time favorite movie Dumb and Dumber. I mean, how could you have anything but nostalgia and love for a place so gloriously depicted in such a classic?

I went over Memorial Day weekend, which blessed us with gorgeous weather – a small snow dusting for two days of our trip and mid afternoon temperatures reaching 75 degrees. Although the mountains were open for one last hoorah that weekend, I resisted all urges to jump on a board and fly down the mountain – one of my absolute favorite things to do. But we were there to get away and kick back and relax in the form of aggressive biking and hiking, no less. It was our way of unplugging, enjoying the beautiful scenery, and quoting Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne as much as humanly possible. At least for me.

We got an amazing off season rate at the Aspen Meadows Resort (less than $125/night) , which boasted a luxurious campus feel in one of their 98 newly renovated suites. Because we weren’t “in season” (which truly confuses me because now I’m of the belief something’s always in season in Colorado), we had pretty much the run of the beautiful 40 acre property.

Our junior suite was the perfect size for two and even gave us some personal space with a small work area on the opposite wall of the beds. One thing we didn’t know about the property (as do a lot of Colorado resorts) is that it lacked AC. Even though the temperatures were cool and brisk, this Texas girl simply cannot sleep without air conditioning. Luckily our floor to ceiling windows which marked the full length of the room, opened fully to let that cool Colorado air circulate throughout the night. The property was perfectly safe and serene which allowed for such openness. Full disclosure – I did have a nightmare or two about a wild bear running into our room, but let’s keep that a secret between us, ok?

Aspen Meadows Resort was a picture perfect location (my FB photo album can attest to this) in the historic west end of Aspen, but still within walking distance to any and everything you need. We rented a car to drive from the Denver Airport into Aspen, but once we parked in the underground garage at Aspen Meadows, we didn’t crawl back into our four-door sedan until the day we left. The town was so incredibly perfect to just bum around in sporting our Under Armour and North Face hiking gear.

One of the best things about experiencing a little town on foot is that it’s hard to miss things. Our first venture in town we stumbled upon the family-owned Main Street Bakery Café, which was so delectable, I still think about.

We took advantage of the bikes (free of charge) at the resort and a number of hiking trails that started just steps from our room veering off almost in every direction. I’m not sure there could have been a more fitting property to call “home” that week.

The health club on site was one of the more impressive amenities, which featured an indoor workout facility (which we quickly learned many locals use as their personal gym), an outdoor small lap pool and a hot tub overlooking the snow capped mountains.

Now when people say, “find your happy place,” I immediately think of Aspen and have since the minute I set foot in that beautiful little part of the country.

Yes, I’m talking about a little place called Aspen.
Aspen Meadows Resort
845 Meadows Road, Aspen, CO 81611

Putting on her big girl panties two legs at a time (yes, two), Jayme is finding her place in this world as a freelance writer far, far away from Corporate America. Her entire life has been the epitome of unorthodox, complete with broken bones, medical mysteries, and the worst luck, thanks to her little black cloud overhead. This cloud goes with her everywhere, especially those crazy activity-laden travel plans she packs into her already busy schedule. Most of her travel adventures revolve around sporting events or activities. in addition Jayme writes a regular sports column, The Blonde Side.