We here at Tango Diva are always searching for solo packages for our readers. Austin-Lehman Adventures’  program includes a solo and singles only trip in the Canadian Rockies with a July 1-6 departure to Banff & Lake Louise,  and in Yellowstone National Park September 9-14.

They are offering 50% off the customary single supplement if book one of the SOLO trips. 

"When we’re out hiking, cycling, kayaking or rafting, everyone participates together and who’s paired with whom doesn’t really compute," Austin says. "Our trip leaders do an outstanding job of creating a healthy group dynamic from start to finish so that everyone feels empowered and comfortable."

"We’re tending towards leading highly isolated lives in our high tech world," says Dan Austin. "Our trips in a way confirm that "Hey, I still like to be with people; I’m still a social animal; and it’s a lot more fun to share experiences than not." 

So – though this is not an endorsement – just a lead for those of you looking to travel this summer – I for one would like to know how it goes. Please get back to us and let us know if you go on these trips or any other with focus on SOLO travelers and supplement discounts or waivers.

The single supllement fees are a hot issue – and companies who are crafting their business to address it are of interest to Tango Diva readers.