Hey, Divas!

Be sure to check out the special year-end issue of Glimpse Quarterly, "Global Greening: Lessons from Abroad," which offers a compelling look at how the rest of the world is responding to increasing environmental threats through the eyes of our student and young adult correspondents Check out the PDF at this link: http://glimpsefoundation.org/downloads/issues/winter2007/Issue.pdf

The issue features:
– Returned study abroad student Leanne Cameron reminisces about London’s pedestrian-friendly streets and laments America’s over-dependence on cars.
– Eco-village volunteer Flora Lindsay-Herrera questions how this model of sustainability can be applied to the urban world.
– Canadian backpacker Leona Baldwin gets off the beaten path in New Zealand to work for food on an organic farm.
– Study abroad student Amanda Spector struggles with trash disposal issues in rural Madagascar.
– Young journalist Sabrina Mondschein learns about prudent resource management from her roommates in Xi’an, China.

– Experts in the sustainable travel industry reveal the devastation wrought by mass tourism and what travelers can do to contribute positively to the places they visit.
– Malaysian cyclist and adventurer Nithy S.R. outlines his plans to bring solar-powered rickshaws to the Indian subcontinent.
– Top picks for green travel gear, adventures on public transit around the world, and small solutions to the planet’s 13 largest environmental problems.

Glimpse Quarterly is published by the Glimpse Foundation, which works in close partnership with the National Geographic Society to promote cross-cultural understanding and exchange among young people by providing forums for sharing the experiences of students and volunteers living abroad.

The foundation also publishes a community-based Web site, glimpse.org, which offers first-person, cultural-experience pieces written by study-abroad students and other young adult travelers. It has become a valuable resource for students in international study programs at nearly 800 universities and colleges around the United States. Glimpse.org also serves as a gathering space for internationally minded young adults, offering a database of nearly 500 student-written articles from over 100 countries, as well as blogging services and social networking capabilities.