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September 22nd, 2006
Give Peace a Chance

LennonJust saw the film The U.S. versus John Lennon – it’s powerful and timely. I was fairly young and definately not aware of all that was going on in the early 70’s. But I do know where I was when John Lennon’s death was announced. I was dreading the end of the movie and reliving it.

Really gets you thinking. Where are we now? Who is leading us? Who is being forced out? What a wonderful glimpse into John’s humour, love, art, wisdom, passion. His songs are lifted right out of his daily journal.

What did not happen becasue John died? This movie weaves the past and the present into one compelling message. A message that is relevant now, 30 years later.

Go see the film. You will be moved. Informed. Possibly inflamed.

One thought on “Give Peace a Chance

  1. This film covers a painful and exciting moment in history.
    I’m old enough to remember the Beatles when they came on the scene as the
    lovable “mop tops”. I was pretty clueless to John Lennon’s gradual political awakening. This film really fills in the blanks and is darn entertaining. I don’t know
    how long the filmmakers worked on this film. They have interviews with George
    McGovern & Gore Vidal. A former FBI agents does a political about face on camera.
    It’s all too deja vu.

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