Part One
The team at Fitness Ridge Resort and Spa really know their business.

They helped me firm up, de-fluff around the mid-section, drop some of those pesky too many cocktails and trying new restaurants pounds, and lose almost 5 % body fat while having … TONS of FUN!!!

When I invited my NYC sis to join me for a week of “being good” at Fitness Ridge, I could almost hear her heart rate speed up over the phone.

Her response: “Are you nuts? What part of 1200 calories a day, no booze, no coffee, a nine mile hike daily and hours of exercise classes sounds like me? And there’s absolutely NO WAY they can charge a measly $1295 for the whole week unless it’s a complete dump. Get serious-that’s what most spas charge per day! ”

Since tact has never been part of my M.O. I just sweetly replied, “Ok, then. I take it you wish to keep all your extra tummy rolls?” Nuff said- she huffed and puffed over what tummy rolls I could possibly be referring to, but she started packing!

Belly-aching the whole two hour easy drive from Las Vegas to Ivins, (Fitness Ridge will arrange for a shuttle pick-up and drop off the airport- but Sis made me rent a car in case we needed to escape.) Sis was working herself into a major frenzy, insisting I had roped her into a stay at the “Big House for White Collar Criminals.” (Granted, the new pic’s haven’t been put up on their website yet so the old photo of a wire fence all around the grounds did look a little Alcatraz-ish!)

For more details, visit the Fitness Ridge Website.

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