This week I took the oath to “Buy Local” and on a rare sunny Saturday in San Francisco I came across Heathered at the Lower Haight Art Walk. The artist Heather Logsdon makes the perfect items for the stylish Tango Diva traveler. Turns out I was quite lucky to catch her between adventures. A self-styled tragically seasick ocean-lover, backpacker and musician, Heather has single-handedly saved the landfills from vintage 1930s-1940s SF newspapers, maps and scraps of fabric. Heather will transform your sentimental stash of European railway tickets into wallets, passport holders, and luggage tags.

Is it gift time?
Her prices start at $15.

Each map from the Heathered collection is laminated, then hand stiched. Heather also makes items out of felt and up-cycled fabrics. She devotes
an entire section of her store to vintage finds. A retired airline pilot friend donated his collection of flight maps. Truly one of a kind. Heather’s many friends as well as the scrap stores and streets of San Francisco have been very good to her.

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