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May 22nd, 2006
Diva World Quiz: Test yourself with this Tango Diva Trivia!

Hey all you wonderfully wise women of the world! Let’s test your travel metal. Here are 3 questions to get those little gray cells up and dancing:

1. Who is the world’s youngest queen?

2. Which nation claims to be the oldest republic on earth? What is their earliest date on record?

3. Name two female presidents in the world. What are their names? What countries do they represent?

4 thoughts on “Diva World Quiz: Test yourself with this Tango Diva Trivia!

  1. 1.) the queen from where you just visited: Jordan
    2.) Czech Republic? Not sure of date
    3.) Corazon from the Philippines and Geena Davis on Commander in Chief (okay, I can’t give all the answers… anyone, anyone???

  2. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia, Africa’s first elected female president. Elected on November 23, 2005.

    Tarja Halonen of Finland. Reelected in January 2006.

    Vaira Vike-Freibergra of Latvia. Reelected in 2003.

    Mary McAleese of Ireland. Reelected in 2004.

    Let’s hope the States will someday be as progressive.

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