Got a call from Katie in LA. My buddy Peleg Top had referred her to Tango Diva. She was seeking sanctuary, Overworked and recently single – she wanted yoga, spa treatments, nature. I rattled off 6-8 destinations that fit the bill – both domestically and internationally. Red Mountain was my first choice for her. Then Amansala near Cancun, The creative workshop in the Santa Barbara foothills this May. The Ashram in the Bahamsa. 2 Palms in Palms Springs. Artista in Carmel, Rancho La Puerta. Turks and Caicos, Club Med.

Katie booked her trip to Red Mountain for this June. She is committed to taking a much needed break. It feels great to help. For anyone else interested – Tango Diva is going en group this October so save the dates and save the money and join us! See Calendar of Cool for details.