What would happen if you allowed yourself to truly ‘dream big’ again?

Check out CAMP! Rediscover your childhood sense of wonder, forge lifelong friendships, and get guidance toward greater happiness.

CAMP is a business conference for all of us who want to grow both professionally and personally, but hate traditional business conferences and the stale environments they take place at. Hear! Hear!

200 mostly gals at summer camp for four days in the California Sierra mountains! A curated experience that is programmed to inspire, increase innovation, encourage collaboration and community, and grow your success.

CAMP turns a group of 200 strangers into a supportive community of lifelong friends and colleagues.

Device free for four full days – could you do it?

Too late for early bird rates ~ but hell, you would not have committed in time anyways.

Next May! Check out the stunning photos and the lovely details!