This just in: it’s okay to have a good, old fashioned lotion, cream and gel party in your carryon again. Well shut my mouth and lather me up!

Before we send you back to your regularly scheduled program, in this case sultry and surly secrets from Stephanie’s Italian voyage, let me take a minute to remind everyone that today is the first day of the rest of your shampoo and conditioners’ lives…today they are allowed to travel with you!!

Today, the FAA of the United States announced that it will ease travel restrictions on your liquids and gels. Now you get to travel with all that stuff, but not freely. Here are the arbitrary and often annoying rules:

1. All travel liquids and gels must be in containers equal to or less than 3 oz.

2. All travel-sized liquids and gels must be able to fit into a clear, quart sized or sandwich bag-sized ziplock container. If you own ziplock stock, hooray for you.

3. Water is no longer evil! You can actually drink your own on airplanes again providing that you buy it in the terminal after going through security. The powers that be feel that this ‘holy water’ does not have the power to bring on the apocalypse as your dirty, outré terminal water does.   

4. As per the last wave of restrictions, personal lubricating products are still welcomed and even encouraged aboard. 

5. For all the latest travel info, please continue to check Diva Says. That is all.