How about catching an elephant by the tail? As part of a massive exercise to re-stock the Majete Wildlife Reserve in southern Malawi, visitors are being offered the chance to be part of a programme of elephant capture and re-location this summer (May-June).

Malawi is located in southeastern Africa. Often hyped as the “warm heart of Africa,” it is bordered by Zambia to the north-west, Tanzania to the north and Mozambique, which surrounds it on the east, south and west.

Seventy elephants will be involved, fifty from Liwonde National Park and twenty from the Mangochi district.

Liwonde, well known for its elephant herds, has reached its carrying capacity for these impressive but voracious animals. In Mangochi, where the elephants roam in the wild, there has been conflict with the local farmers whose crops they destroy.

Five different groups of tourists are being offered the opportunity to take part in the capture and re-location exercises.

Part of the price of this holiday of a lifetime will go to off-set the massive costs incurred by the African Parks Foundation who are responsible for the whole of the relocation program which will transform Majete into a first-class game reserve.

Already, over 1000 animals have been re-introduced over the past four years. These include elephant, buffalo, sable antelope and black rhino.

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