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August 2017 Road Trip discovery:
The lure of the most coveted fish, the elusive chubs, is for a limited time being fished again. I saw many stores selling in the Michigan upper peninsula, as well as mainstream grocery stores in northern Wisconsin. Amazing. Tango Diva will continue to report on any and all sightings.

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Proof that chubs were widely available at Rogge’s in Omro, Wisconsin

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Typical home-made sign advertising Michigan, upper peninsula smoked fish, jerky and curds, all local delicacies. Yes, they had Chubs.

There have been several reports about Chubs sightings. Many thanks to Bearcats for staying in touch. We here at Tango Diva are considering the fish import biz.

Bearcats Fish House
295 4th St
Algoma, WI 54201

Chubs Hotline (920) 487-2372


open Mon – Sun 9a-5p
(they should switch to 24hours/day)



I swear this is big big BIG news.

If you are a connoisseur of regional foods, you can share my pain, having spent the last five years schlepping up to Port Washington, WI, eagerly dashing in to Ewig’s Fish Market only to be told that once again, the chubs are not being fished. In case you’re not from these parts, chubs are fresh water fish from the Great Lakes, specifically Lake Michigan.

I was first told that chubs just aren’t profitable to fish anymore. Then it was “check back in October”, followed by “check back in February” in an endless loop of unexplained excuses.
I returned to San Francisco trying to wrap my head around the fact that my most favored childhood treat was extinct.

Cue heavenly angelic music! Chubs are not extinct and March is the best time to find them. My father called me to report that he had scored an entire box of chubs for me. Pushing aside thoughts that this was yet another trick to get me to visit in the dead of winter I called AirTran, the only airline to fly direct and non-stop from San Francisco to Milwaukee, thank you very much. Arriving at the airport assuming I would buy an on-board meal I discovered my choices were limited to an open soda bar. Luckily the friendly mid-western culture did me a solid. The steward slipped me an entire 12 pack of pretzels. No never mind, I was off to beat the three-week shelf life of my beloved fish sitting in the parents fridge.

Once in Wisconsin I stood on the parent’s door step ringing the bell, my first words being … “hi, where are they?” They knew what I meant. Gosh the fish were awfully small, but incredibly delicious, just like I remembered them, best served with farm fresh tomatoes and crackers. If you want to go all Eastern European gourmet, add a side of raw onions, lots of salt, matzoh, and herring in wine sauce for a tart contrast. Trust me, this is food bliss.

Another trip to Port Washington was in order. According to the friendly honest guy behind the Ewig’s Market counter, the culprits are zebra mussels and the larger quagga mussels that hitch-hike aboard ocean-going ships. These invasive species are eating chub food, the plankton that smaller fish like to eat. The mussels promote clear water by munching on enough green stuff to open up the feeding area to sunlight. Sunlight promotes the growth of killer algae. Scientists have yet to figure out a way to completely control this ecological disaster. But I digress, they are delicious.


Ewig’s Market
(yes, they ship)

AirTran Airlines
(non-stop direct flights to Milwaukee)

Port Washington, WI
(great tourist destination
less than an hour north of Milwaukee)

Chubs on YouTube
See what Ewigs looks like inside.

Original Post: https://tangodiva.com/smoked-chub-report-2018/

39 thoughts on “Wisconsin Fish Report: Smoked Chubs Are Back! … AGAIN in 2017 … and 2018!

  1. My fav fish, everytime I find them it might be the last time they are fished. Must eat cold with raw onion and fresh tomato.

  2. I’d like to have 5 lbs. So good the fresher the better. We used to have them around NewYears. and during summers for dinner. A woman I worked with used to order ten lbs. and give me 5. Such a treat. I shared with family and a couple of friends. All gone before the weekend was over.

  3. Can somebody please please please tell me where I can have smoked chubs shipped to me in Denton Maryland. Please

  4. Greetings fellow lover of fresh water chub fish from Wisconsin. Despite my many personal appearances at Ewigs the fish are not being fished. It’s a long story involving lack of profit and an evil parasite. If you wish to contact Ewigs personally, email them jwewig (at) sbcglobal.net or check their website http://ewigsmokedfish.com. Unfortunately TangoDiva does not have a fish re-sellers license. If you find those fish please let us know asap! They occasionally reappear for a couple of weeks.

    oh, and here’s my google something or other they make me post.

  5. Please contact me when you have smoked chubs . I will drive there from Detroit, and would like at least 10 to 15 lbs. Thank You KEN

  6. Received my order of 10 Lbs. of chubs on time. Best smoked chubs that I have ever had , and I’m 64 years old ! Will be ordering again SOON! Bearcat’s are the ‘BEST”.

  7. March 2017. I found smoked chubs at Calumet Fisheries 3259 E. 95th St Chicago IL $15.99 LB
    Also found at Shop and Save Market Downers Grove, IL. $14.99 LB (Ask at Deli they are not out)

  8. I would order your products on a regular basis if you could somehow keep the HIGH SHIPPING COST DOWN !!!!!!

    • Kenneth – Unfortunately, there is no such thing as free shipping. We simply charge our customers the exact amount we are being billed by FedEx to ship the product. Some companies hide shipping cost in their product pricing. We do not do that and we make no profit on the cost of shipping. Based on our shipping records, it would cost us $19.32 to ship a 14 lb box of product to your residence using FedEx Home Delivery. We understand your concerns and wish this wasn’t such a hurdle but please understand our need to cover our costs. If you are interested, we still have chubs available however our supplies are running low. Thank you for your business.

  9. Jewel Osco in lake county Il (Antioch and Grayslake for sure) sell them and they are awesome. I bought some this week

  10. Hi Kenneth. I think Tango Diva should go into the fish monger business! we’ve had so many requests. I am happy to report that the Michigan upper peninsula and north wisconsin is loaded with chubs for sale.

  11. We lived on the South Side of Milwaukee and got them direct from the smokehouse. It was near the old A&P warehouse where you could shop. Gosh, what memories. The only drawback for me eating the Chubs were the bones.

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