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June 19th, 2006
The Final Stage

At last the final edits to FLY SOLO are done and now I get to go through all the pictures and find the bet ones for my book. Of course, we are having the online contest that will determine many of the shots, but I am still missing pictures for a ton of locations in the book.


I’d love to tell you the pictures I need so you can send them to me, but that would take away the suspense of the 50 best places for a girl to travel alone!


I’ll give you a few hints of the places I need pictures for. If you have a picture of yourself SOLO in the shot – please enter our photo contest. The final date for pictures is the 20th!

1. This city rose up from under the iron curtain and is two cities in one.

2. This saucy city is was the home of Dali, Picasso, and Gaudi.

3. This high-altitude destination just hosted the Winter Olympics.

Enter here!

4 thoughts on “The Final Stage

  1. I notice there are never any comments on this blog…which makes it really a journal rather than a blog. Not very Diva-like to have a blog no one is obviously reading and reacting to…

  2. Well well Rondette, nice to see that you are reading it. As for your comment, looks like more of a judgement to me. And not a very nice one at that. Please fill me in on what you see as Diva-worthy. We are always looking for others who can step it up and act more than they judge.

    Do you have a blog that I can read? Funny because when I googled you, nothing came up! Please fill me in on where I can pick up your book on blogging or read all about your great advice on how to blog. I am always looking for ways to improve.


  3. Just came across this sight randomly- I’m 18, backpacking alone through europe at the moment. Love the hints- I can send in pics of all 3 places… but they only have my feet in them. I promise there is profound reasoning behind that!

  4. I am sure your feet are fabulous darling, but we need to see you face! If you have any with more of your body in the shots, send them over!

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