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June 30th, 2006
Thank You Koret Family House & SF Magazine!

A huge thanks to the board members of the Koret Family House and San Francisco Magazine! I purchased raffle tickets last nite from darling volunteer Gwen at the fabulous Best of the Bay Area Party and I WON the Grand Prize! AN INSTANT WINE CELLAR featuring approximately 100 bottles of premium California wine from the private wine collections of Koret board members.

I am so excited!! I know that several of the wines will be donated to organizations that I love and support like VIDA. And so the gift is passed on and grows in ever growing ripples of support and love. And I love wine!

From my own experience, I encourage you to find an organization that serves and speaks to your heart. With each donation you make a powerful difference. No mater how small. Be consistent. You will be rewarded. Maybe not in incredible wine – but certainly in life.

San Francisco Magazine presents the Best of the Bay Area every year – each year benefiting a different San Francisco based non-profit. It’s a dassling night of tasting and sampling of the best the Bay Area has to offer. Live music, live art and lively people.

This years event was the best yet. Tango Diva readers were there in style! Some of our favorite samples: fresh white corn & shrimp salad from Moose’s Restaurant, cool cosmos from the Grey Goose bar, tasty tidbits from Roys, Americano, Destino, Piperade and Tres Agaves. So much good food and drinks and music. SF Magazine knows how to throw a party!

And the benefactor of the all the hard work and wonderful donations is the Koret Family House serving as a home away from home for families of seriously ill children being treated at the University of California San Francisco Children’s Hospital. 

So – if you were there – share your favorites of the evening with me, And if you were not there – plan on it next year. Tango Diva readers get a special ticket discount! 

3 thoughts on “Thank You Koret Family House & SF Magazine!

  1. Friendly crowd with lots of distractions. Dancers, divas, high and low fashion, crazy loud music, swank VIP seating, and swag. Loved the swag, highlights being the coupons for Clairmont Spa , Embarcadero Center stores, bath salts, Wells Fargo key fob flashlights and the groovy magazines.
    Loved the art on the walls, the food on the tables and the variety of heels on the floor.
    Oh yeah, like Patti said, and it’s all for a good cause.
    Attention Taxi companies, there’s a BIG event going on, send some cars !

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