Sunset Magazine held its annual lifestyle celebration on May 31 through June 1. Bring your sunglasses and grab a site map at the entrance. There is always an abundance of food, garden plants, interior design resources, outdoor furniture, landscaping resources, cooking demos and people watching.
My favorite this year was the “Tiny House” display run by Tumbleweed. They presented two of their fully functioning homes, both under 200 square feet. If you own property this is important to know. Every city in the US has its own building regulations. In San Francisco a shed has to be 8×10′ or be subject to inspections, permits, taxes and insurance. The current trend is to build these tiny homes on a trailer, giving them double immunity from code violations. As long as it sits on that trailer and wheels it is considered a recreation vehicle, not permanent housing. You need to bring your bill of sale to the DMV, pay taxes and register your RV annually.

Menlo Park probably has a zoning ordinance against junk food. There wasn’t a corn dog stand in view. Even the popsicles were organic and sugar free… and delicious. Gerard’s Paella food truck was one of many fine dining options. A peek inside their tent revealed three jumbo cooking pots, vegetarian, plus chicken and in progress. They served up huge portions for twelve dollars for this slice of heaven, the taste being the closest yet to my mom’s secret recipe.

What a great vacation from San Francisco fog to drive south for the afternoon and discover warm weather and sun hats.
Plan on being here a while. Walking every aisle indoor and out without stopping would take over an hour. You will be enticed to spin the prize wheel at the local fire station booth, try to sign up for a cooking demo and vow next year to buy a VIP ticket so you won’t be shut out of all the sold-out classes. Grab your lunch plate of choice and find the live music stage.
Sunset Magazine rocks. (landscaping and otherwise.)
A special thanks to Jeremy Cohen & Matt Munisteri for creative commons usage of “Rose Room” in the posted slide show video below.

Sunset Magazine from lynn friedman on Vimeo.