film review: Rachel Getting Married

Anne Hathaway shreds her good girl princess image

into tiny pieces portraying a gal with issues on a pass from rehab

to attend her sisters wedding in the sprawling family home in

suburban Connecticut.

We’ve all known someone a bit like her and perhaps we

all fear we have some of her in us. You know the type, the

sun and moon revolves around her. Even her sister’s wedding

is somehow all about her. She can hijack anyone’s special

moment by turning the attention back on herself. Oh sorry,

i’m digressing into a painful memory of a self centered reporter

i once hung out with. Ok, really, no, it’s because i’m bitter,

i’ve never once in my whole life been a bridesmaid, not once.

Oh right, this isn’t about me, so back to the film.

This film is a republican’s nightmare.

Imagine a hell consisting of one big long endless wedding party

with elements from a year’s worth of Berkeley weddings.

We’re talking diversity on crack with imaginary sparklers and fire crackers

and a band that never ever shuts up. The theme is Indian for some unexplained

reason, but then there’s the New Orleans style dance

troupe and the rapper and the jazz and the really white family marrying

into the really black family, but that doesn’t explain the asian couple and

again, what the heck’s with the Indian theme?

And can we talk camera work for a minute? Yes, it’s like watching someone’s

home video with the shaky, panning, editing in the camera look that’s so

popular these days. Just like broadcast television, the bean counters and the

executive producers have colluded to convince us that amateur videography and

poor quality video is completely acceptable. It’s so darn real. Art for the people.

Thankfully, none of those eye sucking zooms or cheesy effects buttons were pushed.

This is a great think piece on family dynamics and really completely

exhausting. In a good way.

I can’t wait for Extreme Rachel Wedding IV to be released on

Sony PlayStation.