Shecky’s is a brilliant marketing event, staged all over the country in
two day sprints.
June 17 & 18 they set down in Fort Mason, San Francisco at the
Herbst Pavillion.
The emphasis is on liquoring you up at the several free booze stations
and setting you loose to shop.
Lots of stores with online presence only from all over the states.
Some prices we researched afterwards were cheaper elsewhere.
a few interesting finds, lots of jewelry and handbags. One interesting
line of handbags featured battery operated glow in the dark lining
around the opening. Party in a bag. All prices
were dropped but could have been much better. best bet was the bargain
rack in the front, hit or miss. A fun evening out if you don’t get too
drunk and buy stuff you’ll regret !
The goodie bag was absolutely packed, cost $15 in advance.
Contents: 2 full size Colgate toothpaste tubes, one small bottle
AstroGlide lube, 2 razors, one full size Carrots Body Butter, 3 tubes
Almay moisturizer, one tube Almay tanning moisturizer, Betty Crocker molten cake
mix, lemon freezer pops, three large boxes of designer ultra chocolate
m&ms, sample of body wash, box of Crest white trays, Alka Seltzer pain & alertness aid
for hangovers, two pretty travel packs of OB tampons, Luna bar, Colgate mini-brush set,
Noxzema medicated cream for bikini area, Rohto eye drops, romance novel, two sets
of hair bands, pack of almonds with tin travel case, pink nail file, Aveeno lip moisturizer &
a Cozmo Deck, $25 gift cards @ 30 top SF restaurants.
THere were several drawings for free stuff. My fav was by Sheila Kelley’s S Factor
on Filbert St. Offering free poll dance lessons. Said if you don’t win you could take
half price classes for $20. The Sheckys experience is best if you arrive early.go next time.
The place gets pretty packed, drink lines get longer and bargains disappear.
. Dressing rooms were limited with long
lines so definitely wear leggings and a cami. Don’t arrive without your drivers license,
you need it to get in the door and to try on some clothes.
Bottom line, great gals night out.
Next free event in San Francisco is Nov 11 & 12, 2009. Currently offering goodie bags for $12.50.