is celebrating their tenth anniversary of providing women all over the states with an excuse to leave work early, get a baby sitter, gather the gal pals and plan a rocking shopping night out.
This year proved to be less fashion and more party, with the emphasis on free cocktails. You will find Indie designers set up next to national cosmetics lines.

J FEIN DESIGNS wins the coveted Tango Diva Upcycled – Green Award for Creativity.
Owner and Chief Designer Jessica Fein has garnered rave reviews in press as diverse as Eco Fabulous, New York Magazine, Today’s Vintage, and Everyday Magazine with Rachael Ray, all fans of JFein urban-vintage jewels.
Jessica’s creative imagination comes up with beautiful new jewelry made from beads, buttons, cameos, mixed metals, and Swarovski crystals. If you’re looking for a special deal, check out her Facebook Page.

The first annual Tango Diva Bling Award goes to TRACI LYNN JEWELRY. Her prices are reasonable and promise to get you attention when you enter the room. Trend spotters will note the abundance of leather and metal bracelets. Want some free bling? Host a Traci Lynn party in your own home. So much more fun that Tupperwear.

Remember the door to door salespeople in all those early 60s films? Those characters were usually sad sack guys. Ok, so the opposite of that was this feisty woman from Texas named Mary Kay Ash who was tired of seeing men of less experience making more money than her. In 1963 she launched the MARY KAY Inc empire,

empowering women to have their own career and be their own boss through in-home parties and events. And there’s still around, as relevant as ever.
As a Mary Kay rep you could assume most of your cosmetic wearing customers were stay at home moms. Mary Kay rewarded her top producers with a custom pink Cadillac to match the fashionable lip pallet of the times.

Once you’ve started sampling the yummy cocktails the thought of a new cruise wardrobe doesn’t seem so far fetched. There were selections of retro kimono style silk caftans just perfect for lounging around the fondue pot. Of course you need a massage, it’s the ultimate impulse purchase.

Massage tables standing by for one dollar per minute. BENEFIT cosmetics offered up free brow waxing with purchase. Tip for next time, book ahead on line. And don’t forget the lure of the Shecky’s goodie bag. You can get into Sheckys for free, but to get a VIP goodie bag you need to pay $10 – $30, depending on which email deal you pounce on. The bag is always packed with girly necessities like disposable razors, skin lotion, m&ms, flavored waters, and some fun surprises. One year I scored a great compact with a condom hidden under the mirror. So start planning your next Shecky’s girls night out. They pop up all over the US.