The New York City tourist check list usually includes scoring tickets for a Broadway play. The word is out on how to find those tickets, either on-line, via telephone or standing in one of those day-of-show lines. Those visiting other major cities in the US might consider taking in an evening of touring theater.

Ok, so what about a weekend in Houston TX, or Portland OR, or Appleton WI?

Big city snobs may think Houston is all about line dancing and BBQ, Portland is used books and Appleton is uh, really close to the Green Bay Packers home games.

Turns out at any given time there are Broadway plays touring over 80 US cities in 44 states.
That’s what I counted on the website of Broadway Tour, an online resource for Broadway touring theater shows.

Goldstar makes deals with event producers to move large blocks of unused seats at the cost of the producers. Sites like StubHub resell tickets and take a percentage of the sale.

Now I know why people generally buy from referrals. It is overwhelming how many sellers are out there promising anything from free to a gazillion times the face value.

Using The Book of Mormon as a reference provided counter-intuitive results. It didn’t matter where you looked, sites had tickets on random days in whatever city for $89 to well over $200. Sometimes the better deals were in bigger cities.

I guess it’s all about connections, availability and luck, so buyer beware and look out for sharks.

Here’s some pointers:
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