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Enter to win a FREE month of UNLIMITED classes at San Francisco’s Hottest New Fitness Method, Burn, and receive a FREE session!

How to enter:
Visit burnsf.com
Go to the schedule & pricing tab.
Select a session that works with your schedule.
Register online.
After selecting to purchase an individual $19 session, continue to the next page and be sure to enter PROMO CODE: TANGO in order to get your class FREE!

All of the names of the Tango Diva members who register with BURN will be added to a drawing that will take place August 10th. Winners will be informed that week.

Welcome to a new idea in group fitness. We call it Burn. Burn is a unique method that merges pilates, weight training and cardio to create a body sculpting, heart-pumping 55-minute workout.

“I created Burn because in my 5+ years as a personal trainer, I believe I’ve discovered the most universally effective way to help people achieve their fitness goals, look and feel better while having a little bit of fun, too!”- Lisa Corsello – personal trainer and nutrition counselor, Lululemon Ambassador & creator of Burn.

In order to truly train the body effectively, the heart, muscles and core need to be challenged in a variety of ways. To achieve this, each class provides a circuit of exercises to keeps participants challenged, motivated and engaged. You can expect to work every major muscle group using exercises that are challenging and focused.

How the method works:

  • Pilates Springs are used to firm and lengthen the entire body while increasing flexibility and engaging the core.
  • Weights are used to tone and strengthen the muscles, increase metabolism, and prevent injuries
  • Cardio Exercises will increase your heart rate, increase endurance and burn calories between resistance training sets
  • Footbar and Mat Work for the Core will provide effective new ways to engage and work all of the abdominal muscles to create a strong, lean and powerful core.

More information on Burn can be found at www.burnsf.com

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