35 Years Strong
This years design challenge transformed the multi-story Pacific Heights mansion at 2020 Jackson Street in San Francisco. For the 35th year decorators vied for a chance to show off their design cred, all to the benefit of The University School. Hallways, balconies, elevators and rooms were a mash-up of interior design. Wash room concepts included everything from a phone-it-in wall treatment to a thought provoking Duchamp tribute.

The latter was designed by Michael Polenske and Carissa Duncan. Washing up in this room would be a bit tricky dodging scissors hanging eye level from an open umbrella and various sharp objects standing in for water in the claw foot tub. I assumed some eBamay store got lucky, but turns out the artist Michele Pred created this post 9-11 statement using items confiscated by Homeland Security.

The boy cave had vintage goth appeal with lots of re-purposed, recycled, green buzz words flying about the antique looking thingies under domed glass and well, it was really dark.

Right next door, Emily Mughannam’s light filled “Teen Only Hang Out Room” oozed happy heart shaped stencils on the ceiling and heart shaped photo collage on the wall. A glowing neon sign reminded our occupants that “you only live once”. Dangerous words for a hormonal teen me thinks. I’m starting to notice a steam punk theme running throughout the house in lighting fixtures and do dads. In the upholstery world zebra lives side by side with velvet and unnatural fibers.

Good Lordy, the balcony could have had an upside down wine barrel table and nobody would notice, the view was that spectacular. Luckily the designer’s vision matched the splendor of the scenery with a tented seating area and electric candelabra. Feeling rich just standing there.

The Transamerica Pyramid could be seen in the distance through the back stairway window.
The conceptional award goes to The man cave by Geoffrey De Sousa and Robin Sussillo. The team show cased a mirrored table reflecting the geometric patterned rug. They should have handed out special Dali-vision glasses to view the table which appeared to be melting into the floor.

Around every corner would be an arty surprise, like the tie, bow tie and cuff link set made of twisted wire. There were lots of creative light fixtures. The teen room had a mid-century-ish combo of plumbing rods and retro bulbs. The room adjacent to the balcony had a light shaped like an upside down flower bouquet, face to face with a giant display of colorful real live flowers.

Catherine Kwong re-purposed a sitting room and closet the size of my living room into a fashion bloggers office. You wish. All the rows of shoes would have disappeared into the ladies satchels if it weren’t for the small sizes and liberal use of velcro. Don’t ask me how I know this.

Trend 2012 belongs to the buzz words “green”, “reclaimed”, “up cycled”, “vintage”, or at least stuff that looks like it is. Think live plants on brick walls or hanging terrariums. Talk about trends, yesterday I walked into CB2 in Union Square and they were having a make your own terrarium party.

Special props to Living Green for the lush entry garden and portico. Extra points to Davis Dalbok, the wall’s designer, who was sporting a Betabrand smoking jacket.

I declare, 2020 Jackson is lookie-loo heaven.

April 28 – May 28, 2012
2020 Jackson St
(between Laguna St & Octavia St)
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 447-5830