Shanghai and San Francisco have been sister cities for thirty years.
What’s been missing lately is an upscale showpiece for it’s amazing food.

Pudong restaurant quietly opened it’s doors in December, 2010 and
continues to have soft openings to introduce the Upper Market
neighborhood to it’s unique brand of Shanghai cuisine.

This swank eatery emerged from the former Mecca
space which always seemed to me to be more at home in a strip of LA nightclubs.

Seasoned restaurateurs Francis and Anna Tsai
transformed that spare bright blue box into a
classy comfy palace of fine dining complete with
warm red velvet drapery, crystal chandeliers,
marble floors and soft lighting.
They also had the
smarts to hire Chef Jason Xu formerly of Shanghai 1930.
General Manager John Dempsey keeps the mood going
as he, gasp, seems
genuinely interested in your dining experience.

The walls are adorned with painting by
Judy Chamberlin.
Her artwork gives the restaurant
just the right touch of retro modern elegance.

There are many ways to enjoy your evening out at Pudong.
The large space is broken up into several dining and lounging
nooks. Celebrating a special occasion or have a big expense
account to spend for your business pals? Book the private room.

Oh my, the food. The menu consists of four star
classic chinese staples like hot and sour soup,
and beef tartare and chicken roulade a la française.

Pudong is steps away from the J Church and Market Street Muni stops, directly across the street from
Safeway. If you’re driving you’ll be thrilled with the easy street

Best of all, Pudong keeps it’s doors open until 1:30am. If you’re from
San Francisco you know how rare it is to find a decent meal
past 10pm. The beautiful center bar is a great way to start or
end your evening. I dare you to order just one appetizer.

Come for the 4-6pm happy hour and check out the tasty
cocktails. I highly recommend the Lychee Riverboat, a yummy
concoction of vodka and pomegranate liquor topped with a fresh lychee.
This just in, dim sum brunches on sundays from
noon to 5pm.
A sure fire dining adventure you’ll be bragging to
your friends that you discovered.

2029 Market St
SF, CA 94114