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August 10th, 2006
Orange and Red alerts!!

Will todays news of thwarted mass murder and horrible emotional lines at international airports deter you? Have you already canceled a flight? Are you in internal alert?
Three weeks til Labor Day and 4 weeks til the 5 year anniversay of 9/11. Has it affected your immediate travel plans?

One thought on “Orange and Red alerts!!

  1. I was doing preliminary online searches for cheap flights and perusing the Sunday N.Y. Times Travel section hoping for a getaway – preferably back to Europe to visit with friends – and soon! It’s been four and a half months since my return to the States from Belize and my wanderlust had grown to the point of daily distraction, too. My next planned trip isn’t until late October for the Banff Film Festival and now I’m thinking I can hold off on any escapes until then. My thoughts go from, “Why bother when it’s going to be such a major hassle?” to the more rebellious, “I should fly now more than ever,” to the humbling recognition of how minor these inconveniences are considering that our country is at war. These consequences are just an extremely distant echo from the war zones. I feel grateful to at least be able to have a peaceful day and go about living my life locally without the interruption and disruption of bombs and with a sense still of exploration, adventure and discovery.

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