No more ho hum gifts for your diligent jet setter. Reward your frequent flier with something more exciting than another pair of flannel pajamas. Since they grounded the Concorde, travel is no longer glamorous , but with my 8 great gifts, you are sure to bring sexy back to travel and put a smile on the face of your weary road warrior.


Scott invented this multi-function jacket that acts like a piece of luggage. You can carry everything from your phone to a paperback book. Very clever Scott.

For more information CLICK HERE (click the X-Ray button under the main image)

2. Fly Solo: The 50 Best Places On Earth For a Girl to Travel Alone

Take my fun quiz in the front of the book to figure out where you should go on your next adventure. The book is great for girlfriend getaways too.

Get your copy HERE.

3. Christian Dior Bordeaux Patent Leather Passport Case

Such a lovely piece of candy. This case is both beautiful and functional. The pockets inside the case are the perfect place to store your luggage tracking tickets and foreign money.

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4. Gucci Belt Bag

Throw out those ugly fanny packs and invest in one of these sexy Gucci belt bags. You can carry your phone, wallet, passport, and tickets in this chic belt bag. It is awesome for solo travelers.

Want one? Click HERE.

5. Jimmyjane Little Chroma Anodized Aluminum Vibrator

Don’t leave home without your Chroma – or don’t let your lady leave home without one. Those conventions can get lonely.

Don’t leave home without THIS.

6. Invisibelt

Get through security without losing your pants. No more embarrassing butt-crack moments. It’s all about plastic fantastic because there is no metal in these belts.

Want more detail? HERE YOU GO.

7. Shuella

Keep those pretty holiday stilettos dry with these fun shoe umbrellas. They are specifically made for high heeled shoes. Brilliant!

Check out the latest collection!

8. Swarovski Crystal Bumblebee Handbag Holder by Christian Dior

For your international jet setter who has everything, get her a beautiful handbag holder – and while you’re at it, get her a new handbag too.

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Wishing you all a mile-high holiday and a super duper New Years!