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November 7th, 2005
Hamilton Family Center Fundraiser

Hamilton's Halloween EveningI schmoozed with mayor Gavin Newsome and bid on some incredible silent auction items (dinner at Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch!) and lost at this fantastic party last month benefitting San Francisco’s Hamilton Family Center, an amazing organization dedicated to helping homeless families and children. Learn more at www.hamiltonfamilycenter.org.

One thought on “Hamilton Family Center Fundraiser

  1. Oh Stephanie, Mayor Newsome is a cutie and dinner at Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch…very cool and for such a great cause! Loved the photo Tippi Hedren style – you do know that’s Melanie Griffith’s mom, yes? Hey, great digs you got…very cool hot pink chairs and hot-rod table. Thanks for a great meeting at your abode. So happy to be a part of Diva-ness.


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