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July 25th, 2006
George Clooney and his new Tango!

TangoLook at the new hybrid Tango that George is driving around in. Sharp. Sweet

Wonder if it comes in Tango Blue and Diva Green.  Anybody know much about it?

2 thoughts on “George Clooney and his new Tango!

  1. I’m not sure who is more sharp, the car or George, (yes we are on a first name basis). But, I do want to share with the ENTIRE Tango world that I did meet George a few nights ago. We met, we talked and we held hands. We decided to go to dinner and when it was time to leave our quiet seclusion to challenge the big bad world of papparazi, he calmed my fears that I would be just fine, that there was nothing to worry about. Over dinner we chatted and I learned how he likes to have his pants folded. In return he asked how I liked mine folded. I thought this was good since it meant he was planning on being around for awhile. Over the course of the evening, I had those thoughts of guilt, partly because I’m a married woman but more, this was my best-friend-forever’s boyfriend, althought he doesn’t know that yet, but in our world he still is. How do I keep this from her? I’ve met George Clooney for goodness sake…that’s HUGE! I kept thinking this isn’t right, I already have a husband and I can’t loose my BFF over a boy, even if it is George. And worse yet, I can’t break that unwritten law of girlfriendisms that you just don’t date your friend’s b/f…duh! Well come to pass, I guess these feelings of guilt must have woken me up from my delicious dream of George. I realized that I have the man of my dreams he’s just not necessarily the one IN my dreams everynight.

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