Geeks rejoice, gdgt once again touched down on San Francisco just in time for the holiday gadget shopping season.
For the fledgling geek in training get yourself over to the mother ship website and check out the social media hub for pro-consumer acquisition. The top ranked members are the boys with the most toys. Girls can play too. If you just want to browse, there are tons of product reviews and insider gossip.

On friday Nov 12 gdgt came to San Francisco’s Galleria in the SOMA district.

Nothing says geek convention like swag and i’ve got a table full to prove it. Just what will i do with three Buffalo stress balls & a stuffed TiVo mascot anyway?

I can predict that this holiday season will see a boom in internet tv devices. 3D is so very last week.
There were also hints from several vendors that prices will drop sometime between turkey day & xmas.
Discount promo codes flew through the air.

The beloved scosche, accessory makers for all things electronic
has a 20% off deal good through the end of 2010 if you use promo code “showstopper”.

Elgato‘s online store offers eyetv software for watching live tv on your laptop or convert video files to watch on your phone. For you, 20% off with promo code gdgtX20HRB.

But wait, there’s more. FREE TEXTS ! Check out HeyWire, a free App in the iTunes store.

I was completely blown away by the elegant, space saving Lexmart printer. It’s so new that their website says “coming soon” yet i found it for sale on the BestBuy website.
Lexmark Genesis S816 Wireless All-In-One Printer wirelessly scans, prints, & sends directly to facebook and much etc.
Whatever, it’s gorgeous.

Posterous provided everyone their 15 minutes of fame by uploading your real time pix onto the showroom floor screen for all to see. If you’d rather poke your eyes out than spend four hours at a geek convention i swear you’ll still love this company. They take all your photos and text and not only make an eye pleasing web page, they will send it out to your friends and family for you!


At the at&t temporary museum of telephone past i bonded with a 30 pound telephone embedded in a briefcase. Unfortunately, thanks to Posterous, proof of my visit was broadcast to the entire showroom floor. Look for my goofy smiling face somewhere in at&t land as I signed a model release in a moment of gdgt giddiness.

The Springpad App lets you take notes and save stuff you want to remember. Once on your springpad you will receive special offers on the items you’ve selected. Talk about direct marketing.


Caption this one weird and wonderful. If you’ve never been to Maker Faire, one sight of the MakerBot will convince you to get your hands on the future. Or just get a subscription to Make Magazine if you are the D.I.Y. type geek. This crazy looking box of wires is actually a 3d printer you can make yourself, then create almost any model up to 4x4x6 in ABS plastic. And who doesn’t need a bunch of bunnies on their desk?

Joby takes the bendy gorillapod literally to new heights with their new magnetic feet. They’ve got tripods to take a flip trip on your bike or stick your camera to the fridge to record your favorite cooking session.

Apparently smart phone cases need to be interactive as well judging from all the interchangeable puzzle piece designs.

Now that you have to raise the funds for your new found gadget lust, gazelle to the rescue. They actually pay you to be green. Go online and enter the stats on your sad old phone or last year’s latest computer and find out how much gazelle is willing to pay you. They pay for shipping and they’ll even send you a box. Brick and mortar headquarters are in Boston. According to Anthony Scarsella, the Catalog Manager, gazelle buys $100,000 worth of products per quarter. Goodbye eBay, hello new toys.


More pix on flickr.

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