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Summer Solstice Celebration at the Four Seasons

A ritual or ceremony signifying an event in a person’s life symbolic of a transition from one stage to another.


WHO: Women who want to tap into their powerful writing voice

WHEN: Wednesday, June 21, 6pm – 9 pm

WHERE: Four Seasons Hotel, 2050 University Ave, East Palo Alto, CA

WHY: Because it is the Summer Solstice and time to RENEW our energy


Spend two hours with Teresa Rodriguez, author of Fly Solo: 50 Best Places on Earth for a Girl to Travel Alone  and Body, Mind, and Solo, founder of TangoDiva.com & JetsetMama,  blogger at HUFFPOST, as you explore your desires and uncover what you really want.

We set a course for you to find your true voice. The goal is that when you leave, you will have a clear direction of your personal vision and passion.

At this private gathering with other women, you will tap into your feminine wisdom and use that voice to speak, write, share, and teach. It is the voice of your soul–eternal and perfect. Each new word you write transforms into Writing of your Passages: The ownership of your power and authenticity as a strong woman.

We will meet in the [esc] Lounge at 6pm and spend an hour networking. We will then go into a private room where we will be inspired to use our incredible feminine voice to write and transform our words into empowering statements.

To be considered for this event, please send Teresa a private message at Your Story Inspired facebook page.

“Every woman has a strong voice inside that wants to be heard. I can help you find that voice and empower it through writing! I believe that it is our responsibility to share our talents with the world. So, I want to share my talent of writing with you.” – Teresa



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