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Experienced Travel Divas understand that luggage capacity can translate into a limit on clean clothes.

Five days is my cutoff for a wash or refresh.

Unfortunately, laundry may not always be an option or affordable.

I was thrilled to find a scented collection that will help to renew your travel wardrobe and elevate your spirit.

Eradicate any nasty odors with a heavenly scented solution for under $10.

Floral Simplicity is more than a portable sachet…it is a custom sensory sensation!

With more than 38 fragrances to choose from, there is a comfort scent for everyone.

Tranquil, Orange Blossom and Laundry Basket are among my top picks.

Each scented sachet will last up to 60 days.

Floral Simplicity’s scented sachets, sold in packages of 3 units, are beautifully packaged in an eco-friendly brown bag sealed with a picture-perfect bow.

The attention to detail on every level makes this product a winner!

Floral Simplicity is dedicated to making a difference in every way. The company supports social missions at home and abroad by donating 20 % of sales to charitable organizations.

To order, visit the Floral Simplicity online store.

One thought on “Floral Simplicity Sachets: Experience Luggage Scents for Travel

  1. Love Floral Simplicity’s beautiful design, functional purpose for laundry and luggage, and 20% sales to charitable organizations! Going to buy now and thank you Sheila for this excellent and timely review!

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