Put on your cruel shoes, big hat and stuff your cocktail money into your designer bag.

It was clear from the loud screams during the opening credits that this was going to be a crowd pleaser. You got your four gals, their love interests, gay pals, and new for this film, the obligatory black side-kick girl friend. Jennifer Hudson, you rock girl.

Two and a half hours didn’t exactly fly by, rather it felt like blitzing an entire season on a great big screen.

Highlights: Fully exposed male member,hot simulated sex, fashion, weddings, girl bonding, lots and lots of shoes, & Big’s real name and email address John@jjpny.com.

Favorite Quotes: “40 is the last year a woman can be photographed in a bridal dress without the unintended Diane Arbus reference”.

“Why is it that we are willing to write our own vows, but not our own rules.”

Personally i have a hard time with the well worn plot twists based on a misunderstanding. I spent a good 80% of the film with an anxious pit in my stomach wondering when the other shoe was going to drop. Oh why doesn’t she just check her voice mail messages and see that her man was just working through his own issues. Ultimately these misunderstandings served as life lessons for our gals as they struggled with their relationship issues. Samantha ponders the loss of her identity as part of a “we”. Miranda and Carrie turn their lives upside down before they come around to seeing their love interest’s point of view. Growing up means realizing it’s not all about you anymore. Unless of course that’s the kind of life you choose. Without revealing the ending I will state that there were smiles all over the lobby, but by the time I got to the parking lot below I found myself front and center of a huge verbal girl fight over blocking the exit lane. Perhaps all those 20 something audience members were in a sublimated funk pondering the concept of becoming a 40 something single.