Sports fans will rush home for bedtime stories with Daddy’s Heroes tales for kids about some of the greatest moments in sports history! What a brilliant idea–authors Tom Garcia and Karun Naga have hit one out of the park with their new children’s book series.

The inspiration hit one night at Tom’s young son’s bedside when the boy requested a baseball story. He didn’t have any baseball books, so Tom says he told the story of his favorite baseball team–the 1980 winning Phillies. His passion clearly came across as he recounted the most dramatic moments, the boy ate it up, and Daddy’s Heroes was born.

While Divas like me might have to look the details of the book up–Gibby who? and his home run where?–the prospect of millions of daddies (and mommy sports fanatics) jumping at the chance to bond with their kids over sports is a fine one indeed. This first book–Daddy’s Heroes: Gibby’s Homer, The 1988 World Series
–is already available, along with a lil’ shirt that says, "my daddy reads to me". Adorable!

I can’t think of a happier ending, no, beginning, to a beautiful story. Families will definitely score on this one! Mostly reading mommies will be shocked that suddenly dad wants in on the game–who knew? A pinch reader! :)

Daddy’s Heroes