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June 26th, 2008
Clear Pass – Giving Divas a Leg Up Through Airport Security!

A timely tale of the totally true way that you, yes YOU, can jump the kill-me-now airport security lines with your very own Clear Pass!

It’s easy to apply online, and once the TSA clears ya (Clear Pass takes care of all that beaurocratic nonsense), you’ll get a Clear card that clearly says, “Fudge You!” to the system, The Man, the years-off-your-life stripping hassles of hangin’ with the masses…

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I signed up yesterday – cannot wait to fly by all the losers in line and step up to the Clear Station! This will give me plenty of time to catch a mani/pedi at the XpresSpa at SFO with my discount certificate!

3 thoughts on “Clear Pass – Giving Divas a Leg Up Through Airport Security!

  1. I checked out the XpresSpa SFO location yesterday. It’s nice and roomy -several gals were getting pedi’s and one guy was getting a massage. It’s in terminal 3 /UNITED – off to the right of Book Passages and right next to a gift store I have never seen before – packed ot the gils with gadgets.
    It was off my beaten path – but now that I know of it – I will allow time for getting manicures at the least.

    I am always just making it to my gate for departure flights – but on my retturn I am usually not in a hurry. So I am planning on booking by mani/pedi after the return flight – so there is no pressure on time and I start off Monday fresh!

  2. and I finished my CLEAR application with iris and fingerprint scans. Easy – took 10 minutes. The clerk was clear and friendly. And they do take a full head shot – so be prepared. Should have my pass in 2 weeks – just in time for Santa Fe!

  3. I joined Clear Pass and must say that after using it several times at different airports I am MORE THAN THRILLED about the time that it has saved me virtually every time I used it! I found the attendants at the Clear Pass lanes were cheerful and helpful (probably because the work load is way light — there was NEVER anyone else on the clear pass line!) and helped me through security quickly. I felt like a rock star going to the head of the line EVERY TIME with the Clear Pass attendants carrying my bags and smiling all the way. One flight I had that was in a way overcrowded airport with regular line out the door, saved me at least an hour by using the Clear Pass. I recommend Clear Pass to anyone who has little patience to wait in a line that inches along and would rather sit at the gate relaxing. If you use my Referral Code: SCA20888 when you sign up for the Clear Pass – both you and I will get a FREE MONTH! Thanks and good luck to you!

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