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July 11th, 2006
Can you hear me now?

Yesterday I had tubes put into my ears to help me hear better and to equalize the air pressure behind my ear drum. What a trip! I am hearing in a different part of my head now, and my voice sounds totally different. It is really freaky and I know it’s going to take me a while to get used to it. Oh, it didn’t help that I was not feeling well the night before my operation. I was feeling a bit tired the morning of the operation, but it was not until yesterday that I hit a wall and got real sick. I am sure that detoxing had something to do with it, I wanted to get the toxins out, but not when I am getting tubes put into my head! Note to self the next time I decide to detox.

I am still collecting picture for my book. If you have a picture of yourself in Lisbon, St. Petersburg, or Stockholm, can you send it over to me please? You will need to be alone in the shot and it needs to be outdoors. You can e-mail me at jetset@tangodiva.com. You will need to sign a release form if I use it, and you won’t get paid, but you get to be in a book!

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