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October 24th, 2005
Beauty in the Bahamas!

I just got back from the wonderful Beauty in the Bahamas trip. Over 40 Divas from NYC to LA chilled in Paradise Island. It’s always great to see women getting together and treating themselves to much-deserved  pampering and playing. My favorite activity was jet skiing through the warm, crystal blue  water. We were catching air over waves and jumping into the healing Caribbean waters. Even though it was a quick trip, it was enough for me to reset and relax for a few days.

One thought on “Beauty in the Bahamas!

  1. The Bahamas, and in particular the Nassau area, has been a favorite vacation destination of mine ever since winning a trip as part of a company sponsored production contest. We’ve been back many times. And we are NOT among the rich and famous.

    The perceptions many people have is that this is glitz and expense and all the bells and whistles, and yes.. this certainly is available and part of the island. You can see some of the most expensive yachts in the world in the harbor there at any one time and there’s top of the line hotels. And they are not cheap!

    BUT… there’s also many other ways to enjoy Nassau and the Bahamas. Any number of searches will reveal economy ways to do it, and you still have access to the same beaches and historic sites the high rollers do.

    Another perception is distance. The flying time from many NE US cities such as New York or Boston is no more than the time to Miami or New Orleans or Chicago, and there are direct flights.

    We think most of the comments in this blog are right on target when it comes to destination fun; the blog also keeps you up to date on the things like money exchange, passports, etc. so return often and leave YOUR story.

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