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Friday, March 10th, 2006

Inspiration: Passion Lives Here! Tornino 2006 Olympics Opening Ceremony

I had the fortune of actually being at the Olympic Stadium to assist with the Opening Ceremony, and after a few seconds all my pre-Olympic scepticism about Torino’s adequacy disappeared. That night all of Italy was proud of Torino and most of all the Torinesi, who reveled in the chance to show their city to

Friday, March 10th, 2006

Culture: Italy: Live From Turin, Winter Olympics 2006 Diva!

by Anna Irrera Hi! My name is Anna and I’m from Turin (Torino in Italian), a city in the north of Italy. I will be your Olympics Diva reporting back from my hometown! During the week I...

Wednesday, November 9th, 2005

Opinion: Turin, Italy: Buon Appetito!

by Anna Irrera, Olympics Diva Hello, Divas! I hope you all had a great summer! To soften your return to reality, I’d like to tell you all about Turin and Piedmont’s exceptional cuisine. I’ve outlined a typical...

Wednesday, November 9th, 2005

Opinion: Brazil: A Call to Action

by Anna Irrera Some of you may know me as the Olympics Diva from my articles on the upcoming Winter Games in Turin, Italy. Today, however, I’m writing to ask for your help. My family and I...

Wednesday, July 27th, 2005

Culture: Italy: Olympics Diva Gives Torino Shopping a Ten

by Anna Irrera Hello there!!! I hope you decided to keep reading about Turin since, as I promised in my first article, this one would be more fun and especially more scrumptious! Personally I think a city...